Saturday, April 30, 2005


Today, is Jerry's Birthday… His last bachelor birthday celebration. 12:01 pa lng last night I already sent him my birthday greeting. Siempre para mauna sa lahat ng babati sa kanya. I just know that his cellphone will be flooded with birthday greetings even from people that he doesn't expect. W@Wies!!!

So, just as I anticipate....Jerry just texted me!

"Gah, bakit ang daming nagttxt sa kin ka-w@wie mo daw?? Pano nila nalaman na birthday ko ngayon at pano nila nalaman number ko??? Ni-replayan ko nga sila lahat eh..."

Ofcourse deadma muna...ang kaso kinukulit ako... e surprise nga diba???

I told him later what happened... He was just so happy indeed.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Program and Give-aways

Tada!! at last, I'm done with our wedding program. I did it thru MS Publisher. It's now ready for Mass Production!

Front and back

I'm also done with the layout of our CD Clock souvenir and finished doing the sample. I just need to buy more Cds and print more labels. Then I'll have Solar Philippines do the installation of the clock machines.

so.. there you go...

Konti na lang...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Letting go..and moving on.

I know getting married means leaving my home and my family and start a new life with Jerry.. So I started sorting out my things so that it will be easy when I pack them. I was cleaning all my cabinet and start pulling out old stuffs and throw all my clutter when I saw a bunch of old letters, cards and gifts from my ex which I kept for years. Of course I decided to throw them ALL out.. it easy for me to let go of those things now.

Then I saw the cards Jerry gave me from the very first day he courted me until now.. I can't help but smile as I was reading the cards. Jerry really doesn't fail to make me feel loved. This things I'll keep for all my life. I know there'll be alot of this coming ... it's becasue we never fail to give cards on every occassion. :D

Oh, by the way, it's Jerry's birthday on the 30th and I'm thinking of surprising him. But He will be coming here on May 2 so we'll be celebrating it a bit late... and it's also our 2nd anniversarry on May 1st... so there's gonna be two things to celebrate. (well, always every year!)

My Angel (MUA)

My Mood:

I finally found my Make-up artist!! Yipeee!!!

Here's the story:

I have an overwhelming list of make-up artists recommended by the ever helpful w@wies! aside from others recommended by friends. But of course, I'm particular with the price (kuripot ba??) na hindi naman magsu-suffer ang quality. Finally, my sister saw an ad from Buy&Sell from a make-up artist named Michelle (Angel Salon). Wow! He's promoting a really great deal so I immediately call the number and inquired. Our conversation went well and immediately scheduled for a trial make up.

We exchanged text messages na. He asked beforehand what's my skin tone, legnth of my hair...stuffs like that. I'm a bit hesitant actually because I'm wondering if he's really good.

I scheduled for a trial make-up Friday afternoon sana since my fiance will be coming to Manila. That would be great sana para makita niya rin but alas, he's got another wedding to attend to on the morning of Saturday so baka magahol daw siya so ok, I re-sched it Saturday evening na lang.

Come Saturday, we met and I was really surprised to see him. He look really nice. And very professional. Very detailed siya mag-explain kung ano ina-apply niya sakin. He also groomed my eyebrows so that it won't look mataray, he used peach color lipstick and brown shade for my eye shadows. He was able to make my chinita eyes look bigger...and he used, branded products! All in all, I'm very much satisfied on the outcome and I strongly recommend him talaga. His price is Php2,000 for the bride and Php500 for additional head. I feel really so blessed.

(Below are the pics of my trial unfortunately the pictures taken from my digicam were accidentaly deleted by my brother so these pics were just from a camera phone. Buti na lang I took pics from it kung hindi I have nothing to show. )

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Panic mode

My Mood:

I'm the bride na super hands-on sa wedding preparation...and now, I'm sort of feeling nagagahol. I'm counting the days and I can see that still have time pa naman but, I'm beginning to panic already.

Haaaaaaayyy....these are the things that I still need to accomplish:

  1. Trial Make-Up on April 23
  2. Attend family planning seminar on May 2 and get Marriage license
  3. Have invitations printed by 2nd week of May
  4. Buy materials for my PS gifts. - - -> now, I'm a bit panicky!! Too many ideas kaya nalilito na ko kung ano....
  5. Buy other materials for guest's souvenirs
  6. Make labels/tags for the gifts and souvenirs
  7. Buy our weddings bands (expert naman ang sister/MOH ko dito so no need to worry)
  8. Measurement taking for my gown - Ms. Leony Bautista (on May 7)
  9. Do our DIY Unity Candle.
  10. Scout and buy hair accessories and shoes
  11. Finalize songs for ceremony and reception and give to our musician.
  12. Finalize the ceremony and reception program.
  13. Meet with musician to schedule rehearsal.
  14. Have Solar install the clock machines to the CDs.

So much to do! panic! panic! panic!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Sold out!

My Mood:

Thanks to Issa (hi Issa!) my wineholders are sold out!
She went to the office yesterday and this afternoon to get them..

Thursday, April 21, 2005

New Look

...Well, I was able to find a nice skin for my blog. (thanks to blogskins!) It has a new look now and I like it. Though I really want something more personalized.. ..need to learn using photoshop first to make perfect pictures! But for now, I'm quite satisfied with this one..

Saturday, April 16, 2005

On Mascara, Halter top and Glutathione

My Mood:

Today, when I arrived at the office, i noticed that.......there’s one important thing that I missed ..........................................I forgot to curl my lashes and put on mascara!!! .. (*sigh *) BIG DEAL??? Well, I feel that my day isn’t complete!! Hehehe. You see, I'm a chinita with not so long and not so curly lashes....and curling my lashes and wearing mascara adds a little glow and make my eyes look a little bigger. That’s one of the secrets I've discovered from COSMO magazines. Now, I can’t do anything but to live the rest of the day without it. Haaaay...........

Well, speaking of COSMO MAG, I’ve read something about this whitening pills called L-Gluthathione. Someone asked cosmo if it’s really safe to use and they answered her that it is with, of course, supporting medical explanations.. I WAS CONVINCED TOO!!! (Talking about being vain??) I think not. Even Jerry wants me to have flawless, white skin on our wedding (yay!)...but I thought it’s impossible since I’m a morena at birth. But I really wanted to achieved fairer skin before my wedding.. So, I surf the net and look for that L-Glutathione thing.. I was able to see the site of KAZUMI.....Im really really tempted to buy na but with hesitations pa rin ako... what do you think?

I'll be wearing something like this on my wedding .... a halter top wedding dress... since I need to hide a little birthmarks around my chest…(I think I wouldn't have to hide it if I just have that fair skin...) but an article that I read recommend halter top gowns for full figured women… with nice shoulders and really big bust size ( this statement true???)...problem is, 32A lang ako... what do I do now? Well, well, I’ll ask Ms. Leony her opinion... will find out..

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

For Sale!

My Mood:

I bought these wine holders (10 pcs) at Dapitan Arcade but I was thinking of giving my ninongs something different. So w@wies out there, anyone interested? Im giving this out for P45 each only. I bought these for P50 each.

drop off point is either Ortigas, Cubao or Marikina....

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Dispute. Compromise.

Jerry and I went through a very difficult situation. The stage where I thought won't happen to us. We had serious misunderstanding that lasted for about two weeks. Imagine 2 long weeks without texting or phone calls. I thought the wedding will be off... But the Lord is really good because He allowed this to happen for us to really value each other more and think of He’s perfect will and plan. We did realized and learned a lot of things during those times when we’re both silent. We know we tend to forget His direction when our attention is focused on each other or on the wedding preps.

Well, I was really joyful coz we have overcome this stage. And now we are more mature and assured and more focused on the Lord’s direction in our relationship. I love Jerry now more than ever....and....Tuloy ang kasal!! Yipeee!