Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Something DIY

I always thought of not using the cord usually included on bridal dress so I tried to find supplier for the beaded cord that I want. I got to know AMVY Designs thru W@W. I really like her works and designs of her accesories. I've already talked to her several times but I can't find time to go to her shop (which is in Caloocan). Then , some w@wies planned to make their own cord too using swarovski crystals. I like the idea too but I thought it's not practical for me to spend 5k bucks just for the cord! So what I did is, I went to divi last March 5 and decided to make my own out of faux pearls and aqua blue beads. And guess what!!! I only spent almost P300 for the materials including the tools. I worked on it the whole afternoon and whoallaah! My very very own wedding cord...!!!

Jerry saw it last Thursday and he commend my effort. (I so love it when he loves what I'm doing for the wedding)

Friday, March 11, 2005

Butterflies with guilt

My Mood:

The thought of releasing live butterflies instead of doves on my wedding excites me. I called Acclaim butterflies
and found out of their promo until the end of March so I went at their Megamall branch after office and i did booked them and avail of the discounted price of the butterflies. Hmmm...but right now, I don't know if Im feeling guilty or what. I informed Jerry AFTER I did the transaction and I know these butterflies aren't really on the priorities. As I recalled.. Jerry kept on reminding me not to spend on the things which are not on the priority list... but I really want those butterflies. Im really am a bad girl sometimes (bwahahahahahehe!).. now he can't do anything but accept it. But I still consider it as one of my accomplishment! (hahaha!). I digress.

I'm really hook now on one of ABS' korean drama Save the Last Dance For me! (feeling like a teenage girl na naman). I just love the lead pair cause they're really cute and look good together. The story is super nice and I love their engagement pic.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Engagement Ring

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So sweet of Jerry to finally give me my E-ring. Really really loved it! I thought he'd never give one kasi before he said di na naman yun kailangan. But I was surprised, and now I have it na on my fingers!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Productive weekend

My mood:

We did had a busy weekend. Until now feel ko pa stress of that long weekend. But I’ve enjoyed it talaga and I felt good that our stints have been so productive.

Day 1: Feb 25

Destination: Dentist, Dangwa and Dapitan

We left the house early so that I can meet my dentist on time. 2 Hrs ako sa dentist after that we had our lunch and head on our way to Dangwa. It’s past 1 o’clock and the weather is really hot. Medyo tinatamad na nga si Jerry pero we have to go talaga dahil this is our only time to accomplished this particular activity. Jerry will be back on April pa.

We finally reached Dangwa and met Ms. Lory, our coordinator. We then went to Mang Boy Mahusay’s stall. Hindi na kao nagulat since some w@wies have already described how Mang Boy look and true, ok talaga sila kausap ni Mang Jon. I got good package din from them!

  • 1 Bridal Bouquet – hand tied na white roses, stargazer, cannery yellow liliums, blue hyrindial
  • 1 Throw Away Bouquet – white roses
  • 1 MOH – hand tied mini bouquet (stargazer, yellow and white m. mums, blue hyrindial
  • 1 BM – yellow and white mums, blue hyrindial
  • 2 FG – baskets and headdress (same flowers with BM)
  • 10 Ninangs – mini bouquet, same flowers
  • 2 Mother's bouquet– same flowers
  • 3 SS – wrist corsage
  • 13 – Buttoners
  • loose petals
  • 8-flower arrangement – for the aisle

ALL THESE FOR Php 5,500.00 - - - -> great deal!

After Dangwa, we head on to Dapitan. I was so overwhelmed sa mga items that I got to see there. If I had a lot of cash lang talaga I bought so many items. Here, I bought the souvenirs for the Primary Sponsors.

We then went to Burger King and went home.

Day 2: Feb 26

Destination: Divisoria

We left the house early to go to Divi. We went to Ylaya to buy the entourage gowns’ tela. I bought satin, and organza and tule for the FG’s petticoat. After that we were able to buy the container for the guest souvenirs, it’s a heart shaped bottle with cork. It’s really cute. I’m planning to buy beads or butterfly punched papers to put in there and ribbons for accents.

Then, we went to the stall of Mrs. Leony Bautista. Im really happy caused I was able to get a design of a gown that the three of us (Me, Jerry and my sister) agreed that will really look good on me. It’s a halter top gown, not so low ang back and with straps. Really sexy and regal. I asked Mrs. Bautista how much would it cost me, she charged Php 5,000 for it. It does fit my budget kaya I gave initial DP na. The material is white Jusi and may blue beads. I finally had a gown! Super happy talaga ako. And excited to the outcome.

Day 3: February 27

I wasn’t able to go to Weddings at Westin… sayang. I attended our church service muna then after lunch, Jerry and I went to our printer, I want him to see the design that I chose for our invitations. When he saw it, Ifeel that he loved it naman. Then, we went to Sta. Lucia East to see if my friend already worked on our pictures. I asked her to changed the background of some of our pics kasi. We saw her working on it alredy and I was super happy to see the out come. We then went to Max’s and had dinner there.

I was really really happy because slowly, things-to-do's are trimmied down and Im so deligthed to see the developments of our wedding preparation.