Friday, February 25, 2005

Wedding Nightmare

My mood:

I've been having nightmares lately some I can't remember but last night was still very clear to me.
I was dreaming of a party inside our house, it's my wedding and it's about to start at 4pm. I looked on my watch and shocked to see that it's already 2pm and I'm still on my pajamas.. I'm supposed to be in the hotel for my make up, but worst... I don't know who and he's not there yet!!. I was so dejected...
Well, thank God it's just a dream... sobra talaga akong nag-worry and napag isip na rin cause really, until now, di ko pa na mi-meet and MUA ko.. My friend is recommending someone and gusto ko na din siya coz I've tried his service na pero till now di pa malinaw ang usapan namin. haaay, sana lang di magkatotoo and dream ko.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Week-end Itenirary

I looked at our wedding count down and surprised to see that we only have 4 months, 4 weeks and 1 day to go. Ang lapit na pala! So, para mabawasan ang To do list namin, Jerry and I will be having a busy weekend (I hope!).

Agendas for the week:

February 25, 2005
-9:00 am - Visit my dentist
-12:00nn - Lunch (siempre)
-2:00pm - Go to Dangwa with our coordinator to meet Boy Mahusay! (finally)
-4:00pm - Go to Dapitan to look for souvenirs for our sponsors (Sana may makita naman kami)

February 26, 2005
- 9:00 am - Go to Divi to buy fabricfor our entourage
- look for my gown na rin if wala akong makita, we'll go straight to Market Market to visit ready to wed, we'll try din if we can go to Top 7 Printing to talk with our printer for some invitation matters
- 4:00pm - Visit our some of our sponsors here to give save the date cards
- 6:00pm - Food tasting at Villa Ronar

Feb 27, 2005
- 1:00pm - Attend Weddings at Westin

Hope we'll have productive visits!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Wedding Theme

My mood:

I Finally had a Theme -- Flowers and Butterflies.
I suddenly want to have a lot of flowers and butterflies on my wedding.
I was inspired by this stuffs!


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Updates 2

My Mood:

Days are past approaching and I'm glad that I had productive days.

Finally, I'm finished doing my DIY Save the Date cards and akready sent some to our PS. They liked it. I also post the pics to W@W and got good comments from them. I'm glad that my efforts paid off. I also changed my motiff into Aqua blue and Yellow tapos my theme now is flowers and butterflies.

Here it is!

Save the Date13

Save the Date2

I finally found my mananahi! So glad to know that my Tita Thelma is back from Saudi and already had a shop. Will schedule buying the tela for the entourage na this month and measurement taking schedule will be on March. I've been having problems about this and buti lang she came. Below is the gown design for the entourage and design for my gown too

Bridal Gown Design

flowergirls design

Entourage Gown Style

Kuya Jonathan, Jerry's brother offered na sagot na niya invites namin. We went to the printer last Feb. 11 to talk to them and choose design. The design that I liked cost P36 each. Not bad. We will just come back for the final order and layout. Also for the contents. I feel excited already.

I'm also done doing the sketch of the venue on visio. So glad it's not hard to do.

Well, I miss blogging. I promise to update pa next time.