Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Engagement Pic

Decisive Moments Pics
Decisive Moments Pics,
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One of the pictures shot by Mel Cortez during the "Wedding March" Bridal Fair. Make up c/o Eddie Bruan

Bridal Fair

I finally had the chance to attend the Wedding March at NBC Tent last Saturday, January 21, 2005...with my h2b now. Jerry arrived from Baler last thursday for their "pamamanhikan" on friday night. He seems not interested to go but I really insisted na magpunta kami. I registered online pa naman tapos di kami pupunta and I thought sayang kung hindi.

When we arrived, I immediately looked for Toni sa w@w booth. Toni volunteered to man the booth kasi. I asked for my free
Bride's Yellow Pages then after konting chika, Jerry and I head on to look around. We went to Decisive's booth to show Jerry their works.. siempre DM will be our photographer, and pinagmamalaki ko talaga kay Jerry yun. When he saw their video and albums, na-amazed talaga siya. He told me later on the kunin na din ang video service nila. I knew he will say that...

After a while there was an announcement for a free trial make up from Eddie Bruan (siempre he's so sikat sa W@W so i got interested mag pa trial MU!)Buti na lang I had Jerry with me kung wala siguro nahiya talaga ako. There's also a free photo shoot c/o
Mel Cortez
! I didn't waste that opportunity talaga. When we went to their area, nagulat ang h2b ko to see his malayong cousin (with his wife) there. He's Eddie Bruan's assistant pala so nagkakilala sila and nagkamustahan after a while he's cousin told us si Eddie na lang daw ang kunin and we will get discount! Ang galing talaga! Nagpa-pencil booked ang h2b ko though I'm not yet sure if I will get their service. After the trial mu, I went to Mel Cortez for the picture taking. He remembered me and he even told other people na magpapakuha about me winning the prize for W@W. Ok talaga siya kausap. After 30 minutes,we got na our cd output from Decisive. We really had a wonderful day!

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Tonight is Jerry's "pamamanhikan" ...I'm nervous and excited!
I left the office early so that I can prepare. My mom helped me cooked some food and arranged the house. My whole family was there also. Jerry's family arrived at around 8 pm. It was not really the real pamanhikan since both our parents already know our plans, and Jerry and I planned ahead para di na masyado discuss details this time. We just want our parents to meet and get their blessings also. We laid the details and they both agree with our plans naman.
All out ang support nila samin. It was a wonderful night. Sayang lang my sister accidentally deleted the pictures on our digicam kaya I don't have pictures for documentation...

Monday, January 17, 2005

Meeting the Photographer

At last I did have a productive day last Saturday. My agenda:
1. Meet with Ms. Lorie (my coordinator) to discuss my plans and make an outline
2.Visit Mel Cortez of Decisive Moment to sign contract and discuss my package
3. Make another occular inspection to Villa Ronar with my “coordinator”

It was a nice day to start working out my plans. I had an early lunch so that I can meet Ms. Lory on time at Katipunan Ave. near LRT. Around 2:00 pm, Ms. Lory arrived and we had our snack at the nearest Jolibee (wala naman kasing ibang place..). Ms. Lory already prepared questions to ask to my photographer.. both of us kasi until now, can’t believe that my package is really FREE! He he he. I reviewed the questions and its okay with me..(di ko din naman kasi alam yung mga dapat ko itanong or I-include sa contract) It’s really nice to have someone whom you can rely on. Then we head on. We arrived at Burgundy Plaza, Decisive Moment’s Office. Mr. Mel Cortez is currently talking to a couple so we waited. It’s worth the wait though, since we’re able to watch a video of a wedding shot of course by DM. It’s really nice and very well done. Naisip ko tuloy, how much would I add kaya if I’ll get na rin their Video service? Hmmm. sana di naman mahal. When the couple left the office, Mel Cortez introduced himself to us. I also told him that I was the one who won the package that he gave out during the W@W Christmas party. Ang swerte ko daw at ako ang nakakuha. Sabi niya even Benz and John di din daw makapaniwala sa binigay niya, But it’s his way of giving back the blessings that he’s receiving right now. He even said na he might do that every year… Sabi ko nga, You will be blessed even more because of that. And a lot of w@wies out there ang talagang mabe-blessed.

He’s very nice to talk to pala and very accommodating, super bait pa. I asked him if it’s really free sabi niya of course it’s free and I won’t give out even a single centavo. It appeased me when he said that. He even gave me discounts if I will get his services for pre-wedding pictorials, and if I will ask for a framed Blow-up portrait. My package also includes 1 photojournalist only, sabi niya he will give me another 1 pa for back-up. Wow! Sobrang generous talaga nitong si Mr. Mel. Wala akong masabi…Then, I asked him how much would it cost me kung i-include yung video. He told me that he will give me an option if I would like to add video on my package plus I-upgrade ang album into 40 pages, I will just add Php 16,000 digital, MTV format video na yun. Ang galing! So, I signed na dotted line. Hmmm. If there’s questions naman I will just call his office. I really enjoyed my time with Mel Cortez. (by the way, he can’t believed that I’m getting married na, kasi mukha daw akong mag de-debut! Haay…minsan I’m not taking it as a compliment)

Our next stop is Villa Ronar. Again…. When we get there, Anne was there to assist us. Ms. Lory, draw an outline to visualize the seating arrangement and layout of decoration. After that, we went to our house to finalize the things we have discussed during the day. She got the necessary information from my suppliers already. So far, I could see that I’m going to have a hassle free wedding because of Ms. Lory.
Next week, I'll be busy naman preparing the house for Jerry's "pamamanhikan".

Monday, January 03, 2005


Holidays are over and I had such a wonderful one! Jerry and I spent the new year together and we have so much fun. We went to Antipolo last January 1 and enjoyed the ambiance and cool breeze overlooking Manila's lights. We went to CLod 9 nad there, we started discussing wedding matters. It's 2005 and time to get to work.

Well, first of all we've decided to move the date from June 25 to July 23. The reason? well, it's not really a tradition in our family but since we're all girls, my parents told us that we should get marry when we reach the age of 27 and July 20 is my birthday so I will be 27 on the 23rd! : ) funny huh! But seriously, we've moved the date to consider our sponsor's availability since some of them are working in schools and June is quite a busy month for them aside from the fact that they will be coming from the provinces pa. It's good naman because I will have enough time pa rin to prepare.

Jerry and I visited Villa Ronar last Thursday and met with Anne, our coordinator for the place. We've already told them that we're going to give the reservation fee on the 3rd week of January. whew! It's now becoming real to me. We asked them to make a package for us on the budget that we've given them and they agreed naman. So there will be changes on my suppliers. Since the food will be prepared by them, I will not get Batis Asul anymore *sayang*.. I just hope their food taste as good as Batis' if not better..

So far, here's my update:

OTD: My friend and former officemate Mam Lorie

VENUE: Villa Ronar - to pay RF on January 21st
1. Buffet Menu (wait staff, centerpieces, flowers for the aisle, decorations and backdrop, red carpet, wine, doves, torch parade, chairs & tables)
2. 1 Free Bridal Room ( we might get another room for the Bridal room since the free room is quite small this will just be designated
for male entourage)
3. Sound System - ? not sure pa if included
4. 3 Tiered cake

PHOTO COVERAGE: Prize from Decisive Moments
- I've already called to inform them that I won the prize from W@W Christmas Party, they told me to just visit them for contract signing (my prize includes 1 photographer, unlimited digital shots, CD output, 20 page album). We'll visit when Jerry comes back.

VIDEO : c/o My wonderful friend Mace - we'll coordinate with her this week, and haggle on price : )

PRENUPS: will ask Mace on this one...Sched for prenups - wala pa

INVITES: gift from my sister. Actually I wanted to just DIY them but my sister told me ok na din naman if i let a printer do it. Jerry's
brother will help on the printer since he know someone doing nice invites.

RINGS: gift either from Jerry's friend or my brother-in-law.. we'll decide which one to accept (grabe no?)

SINGERS: my dear friends...daming nagvo-volunteer eh.. he he.

SONGS: I have a list and burnt a CD of my preferred songs na but I think I will add more pa.

I just don't know if Villa R will include this on our package, we'll know on Janaury 21. But if not, Jerry's friend also offered his sound system for us. He's also nice to offer his van during the wedding for the entourage's service (glad to have people like him)

BRIDAL CAR: Jerry's incharge for this one. c/o his auntie.

GOWN/ENTOU GOWN: We'll still scout and consider Jerrys's aunt's suggestion

FLOWERS: we'll visit dangwa one of these days. I will visit those whom fellow W@Wies suggested.

I think I will have no problems with the basics. Jerry's back in Baler now but he will return on the 21st so that we can apply na for the marriage liscense and other things that must be accomplished. His parents will also arrive on the 21st for the "Pamamanhikan", after that we'll be working na on other things.

Right now, I'm constructing the invites' draft, guest list and program. We started informing our PS na rin. We're planning to look for our future home, maybe I will start on this by March.
I think magiging busy na ako on the coming days...that's what I want talaga. I'm getting super giddy!