Saturday, December 18, 2004

W@W Event

The W@W Christmas Party was a success! It's my first time to attend a W@W event and I never thought that I'll have so much fun.. I finally met and saw the faces behind the names. At first, I was not sure if I'm going since I won't have Jerry with me.. But when Toni informed me that she's going even without Paul, she convinced me.

I really enjoyed the night. Buti na lang we joined. Me and Toni had so much fun. First game pa lang Toni already won a prize from Alex Franco. We had so many goodies pa.. the calendars are so beautiful-- a collector's item indeed!

I felt so blessed also that night.. I have won an Alex Franco Wedding Anniversary cake (though to be claim on our fist wedding anniv. pa which means on 2006 pa), a cologned from Angel's wink and Paulo Clemente (i liked it!) and the best of all- - - - the photo package from Mel Cortez of Decisive Moments...Wow! It's was one of the major prizes and I never thought I'll get that one. Thanks to Clarice, it's really her prize, it just happened that she's already a client of decisive moment and she's getting married on the 18th kaya she waived it. (thanks Clarice!) When John announced that it will be given as prize again, I was hopeful. The game was to send a text message that says "I AM A W@WIE" to Benz's mobile phone... I dont't have yet her number but as the numbers were given I was quick, and I WON! When I told Jerry about it, sobra din siyang natuwa. It was really a blessing!

I really enjoyed the party and Im looking forward to another W@W event. sobrang saya

Friday, December 10, 2004

Toxic Week

No post about wedding muna... I'm a bit depressed... small problems arises aside from sobrang daming activities that made me sobrang busy.. I digress.

Sometimes things really happen in an unexpected way. Well, because of the typhoons that hit Aurora province, Jerry can't come with me for the W@W Christmas party on the 15th. .. it's not that important naman, my main concern is he's stuck there and he doesn't know when will he be able to come to Manila... it just make me sad to know that. I digress.

Last night is one of the pits day I had! I dropped my mobile phone -- the cell phone that Jerry gave to me -- (accidentally) inside the drainage along Exchange Road in Ortigas. I felt really bad.. it went to the water so I know it's already broken --but it's the sentimental value that I cared about talaga about that phone kaya I'm really eager to save it... Buti na lang there are people who really care and they helped me atleast recover it. God is really working...

For the meantime, I won't worry about my phone, it's just a phone anyway...there are much important things that I should concentrate on.

This week is toxic.... buti na lang matatapos na.